Gracon Safety

GRACON believe that Managing Safety is good for business & good for everyone. The benefits include:

  • Reduces the chance of accidents in your work place
  • Employees are better motivated
  • Company saves money

Business owners and managers face many different challenges, but the one challenge they face in common is the obligation to provide a safe and healthy place of work.

Managing safety is achieved by looking at tasks carried out in the business and recognising the risks involved in these tasks. This process is known as risk management. There is also a requirement to have a safety statement: this is a written document which specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within the business and which will also contain your risk assessments.

The safety statement contains the control measures needed to minimise incidents the workplace, as well as the names of those responsible for putting them into place in the organisation.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessment at GRACON we simply looking closely at what is in your place of work or about your work activities which could cause harm to your employees and visitor to your workplace.

There are 3 basic steps to Risk Assessment

Step1: Identify hazard: A hazard is anything that can cause harm to you or your employees

Step 2: Determine level of Risk: You must look at the level of risk, some work activities will be low risk, while other activities will be high risk eg .working at height or near power lines.

Step 3: Put in Control Measures & Train: The control measures are the most important part of the risk assessment, because they set out the steps to be followed to keep you and your employees safe. The risk assessment will help you identify the high risks hazards first.

Simple Example of Gracon Customer Risk Assessment

Step1: Identify hazard: Bottles of Oxygen left in different part of yard
Step 2: Determine level of Risk: High level, possible explosive element
Step 3: Control Measures & Train: Procedures will be put in place so that all pressurised containers must be stored in designated safe area. Staff will be informed and trained so they carry out new procedure.

Safety Statement

The safety statement is a written document which specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within the business. The safety statement will also contain your company’s policy and risk assessments also the required controls and mitigating measures to eliminate or reduce the risk.

All employers including self-employed must have a safety statement relating to their work and workplace.
The safety statement must be specific to your workplace.
Include emergency plans.
The safety statement must be reviewed and if necessary amended when required
The safety statement must be brought to the attention of all employees in the business.

Method Statements/Work Plans/Lift plans

GRACON can draw up a method statement which can give specific instructions on how to safely perform a work related task or operate a piece of plant or equipment. This shall be in accordance with safety procedures specified in the health and safety statement.

Site Induction for your business

This process ensures that employees and people visiting your business are fully informed about the organisation and operation of the site, including their responsibilities. The main focus will be on managing their safety on the site.

Signage & Decals

GRACON can help employers to provide health and safety signs and decals on fixed and mobile equipment. We can review your site/business and determine the safety requirement.

The primary objective of the sign/decal is to draw attention and highlight hazards capable of causing harm. Signage  provide information using a combination of approved and internationally recognised colours. It is the responsibility of employers to inform employees on their meaning.

Lifting Operation Permit

Gracon can help draw up a permit before any lift, details include:

  • Job name & description
  • Contact information
  • Safety review
  • Lift details
  • Authorizing signatures