Gracon Consultancy

Company audits

Auditing is done to find facts, through objective evidence not to find fault
Gracon have trained Auditors, which have completed audits such as:

  • Quality Audits
  • Process Audits
  • Product Audits
  • Service Audits

The main reasons for these audits are to:

  • Meet regulatory requirements,
  • Determine the conformity or non-conformity of the quality/safety system
  • Help management receive assurance that systems are working
  • To determine effectiveness of quality/safety systems
  • To provide the auditor with an opportunity to improve the system

Plant asset surveys

Together with your company GRACON can:

  • Carry out a survey and inventory of your equipment to ascertain all the safety requirements of the plant whether fixed or mobile.
  • We can produce a report to determine the value of work equipment.
  • Inform management of any maintenance issues that need to be given priority.

Implement ISO Quality Management Systems

A Quality Management System (QMS) has:

  • Organisational Structure (defined reporting system and chain of command)
  • Responsibilities (employer, employees & customers)
  • Processes & Procedures (the way works are completed and recorded)
  • Resources (the companies effort)

The purpose of a QMS is to:

  • Provide assurance to customers that their needs will be met, on time, every time
  • Communicate organisational intentions and direction in regard to Quality
  • Ensure the activities and elements of a QMS are working towards a set of mutually agreed and understood objectives
  • The objectives are achieved in an efficient manner
  • Improve motivation and team work


High levels of noise can be a factor in many work environments. Noise can be measured in units known as decibels (dB). Noise can be measured as an average level over a day, or as a max instantaneous level.

GRACON noise assessment service can entail a full site survey if required. We use a sound level meter to determine what level if any noise control is required. We will provide you with a thorough report and possible solutions.

Accident Forensic Reporting

Following an accident, insurance claim or HSA inspection, Gracon can provide a 3rd party accident investigation and provide a thorough report. Our advice is professional and impartial.

Pre purchase Surveys

GRACON may be able to help your business when management decide on what equipment to purchase. Gracon have travelled with many management teams when companies investigate plant.

  • We can identify possible defects upon a visual inspection
  • Assessment of defects for significance relative to productive output of plant
  • General additional advice on maintenance matters
  • Identification of structural damage to plant eg.rusting of primary elements.

Inspection for insurance brokers

Gracon provide inspection and testing services to the insurance industry.

Productivity reports

Gracon have put many of these reports together for many varied industries such as quarry, recycling and warehousing. A productivity report measures the level of output that is achieved per unit of labour. Output is measured generally measured by sales or produce e.g. tonnage of stone crushed. Inputs are measured in hours worked and the associated cost of that labour e.g. Man hours loading crusher and cost of machine.

Benefits of reports to Management include:

  • Present the results of complex information clearly and concise
  • It gives good insight into productivity pressures