Gracon Equipment Repair

At our workshop Gracon can carry out a wide variety of equipment repair. Our engineering team have many years’ experience working in areas such as Recycling, Quarry, Transport and Construction. Gracon have many years’ experience repairing & replacing mechanical parts in the production process.

Equipment Safety

  • We stock and install a wide variety of flashing beacons and warning lights.
  • Various models of Mirrors both wide angle and convex.
  • Various models of both motion alarms and reversing alarms.
  • Camera replacement also replacement monitors.
  • Extensive range of reflective marking and warning decals for your machinery to alert people on site of potential hazards.

CRVT/NCT Commercial or Non-Commercial Vehicles

At Gracon we use latest technology for compiling a detailed report by using ultra sound to identify any weak spots or metal fatigue on your chassis or any other load bearing cross members right down to microns of paint on any component.

Welding and Fabrication

  • Mig, tig and arc
  • Plasma cutting
  • Oxygen and acceythlene
  • Air arc gougiing availble for heavier and tougher applications


We provide up to date accurate thread dept test for all dumper and shovel requirements. Jaw and cone crushers we can help maximise wear capacities on your primary and secondry crushers get the very most out of your replacement manganese mantle and concave.

We can change blades and reline mobile /fixed metal shears and balers for all your equipment attachments we can replate and hard face excavator buckets, we carry out reconditioning of rotator grabs & excavator shears, which can entail re-sealing rams & rotors, welding new tips, fitting blades etc.

Hydraulic Ram/Cylinder Repair

  • We can re-seal your ram, where the ram has been damaged in the eye we can have it re-bushed to fit original pin once again, if wear is too much we can manufacture a new eye and weld it back to chrome rod. Also we can have a new chrome rod engineered to replace one that has been scored or bent beyond repair.
  • Where there is specialised equipment/plant new pins and bushes can be manufactured, where original parts cannot be ordered anymore or where delivery times are too long.
  • We can carry out test pressures on equipment.